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FiSDK is an API toolkit developed by Fintechee for managing and controlling the backend of the Fintechee trading platform. Fintechee uses the FIX API to connect to LP(liquidity providers) and provides REST API for traders to use. As a trading platform, there are inevitably a large number of asynchronous interactions between the client and server in order to respond quickly […]

Copy Trading

Fintechee features built-in support for copy trading, which you can utilize in the Forex Trading Championship. What’s more, cross-broker copy trading is now available too. With no requirement for issuing authorization tokens to third parties, integrating with independent copy trading platforms is risk-free, operating separately from broker sides. Feel free to explore the new feature by visiting https://fisdk.com/dashboard/. Our innovative […]


Fintechee is a WEB-based trading platform that offers various features such as Automated Trading, Expert Advisor Studio, FIX API Individual Version, White Label with FIX Engine, Market Maker Bot, Browser-based EA, Multi-Account Login, DeFi, and Cross-Chain DEX. It also collaborates with over 20 liquidity providers. The Forex Trading Championship this time is utilizing the Fintechee Trading Platform as the trading […]